Walsall Works has been delivering sustainable outcomes for residents for over 5 years and we would not have been able to do this without local businesses and organisations making commitments to take on and train local people.

We have created the Walsall Works Partner Awards as a way of recognising this contribution and the investment that employers have made in their local workforce.

So far, 106 local businesses and organisations have been awarded the status of Bronze Partner and we had to opportunity to celebrate this with a number of them at our recent launch event.

By winning the bronze award, our partners have demonstrated a commitment to taking on local people, whether this is by taking on a Walsall Works Apprentice and investing in a young person’s career, using our free job brokerage or demonstrating partnership through strategic boards.

You can find a full list of our Bronze Partners by clicking here

Our aim is for the Partner Awards to stand as a quality mark for engagement with the local community and the delivery of social value. Therefore the silver and gold levels of the awards will be given to employers who have demonstrated a wider degree of activity which covers the core priorities of Walsall Council.

These Key Priority Areas  are below and each applicant for Silver and Gold Partner status will need to demonstrate how they have made a difference in all of these areas.

The application process for Silver and Gold Partner status is straightforward and details about the criteria and the application form can be found by clicking here

Applications are open from now until 16 February 2018 and the awardees will be anounced soon after with presentations being made at the Walsall Works Jobs and Skills Expo on 15 March 2018